Welcome to Joy's Waldorf Dolls Licensing

Joy Chambers has designed an expanded line of exceptional Waldorf style doll making patterns, tools and materials for Waldorf dolls since 1991. Please visit A Child's Dream, our exclusive licensed distributor where you may find our product line. Each licensed distributor ships world-wide.

USA - A Child's Dream carries all patterns, Joy's Waldorf Doll making DVD, kits, Joy's doll making tools, fabric, hair yarns and supplies. Our licensed distributor also offers quantity discounts and also wholesale quantities to individuals. Please contact them for pricing of our patterns, doll making kits, tools, craft thread, rolls of tubular stockinette and gauze, yarn and skin tone knit.


"For licensing for FINISHED DOLL MAKING only" please visit this page or call for more information. 1-425-949-7828 or 206-853-6677

Doll Making Supplies

Check with a licensed distributor for retail and quantity discounts on our tools and supplies.

Copper Head Frames

Making your own doll head with the aid of our Copper Head Frames will ensure a fit of Joy's Waldorf Dolls wigs as determined in the pattern directions. You may just want to have the perfect proportioned doll-sized head for each doll, every time. If you have ever been to one of Joy's doll making workshops, or have seen her DVD, then you know what she means. You will use the gauge of our Copper Head Frame several times while making of each head.
Designed and highly recommended by Joy.
Labeled and sized for dolls that are 6", 8", 9/10", 12", 13/14", 16" and 18" tall.

Joy's Stuffing Tool

Designed and highly recommended by Joy for expert stuffing of the limbs of any doll and to reduce hand fatigue of the zealous doll maker.

Craft Thread
Very strong yet thin enough to thread in a needle for sewing, stringing the button-jointed dolls and of course, shaping the doll head. Polyester.
Highly recommended by Joy.
Available in 6000 yards cones.

Craft Thread by the Spool  
Our same Craft Thread in 200 yard spools.

Cotton Tubular Stockinette in 4 sizes

25 yard Roll of 2"   = for 9 - 16" dolls    
25 yard Roll of 3"    = for 18 - 20" dolls
50 yard roll of 11/8" = for 8" dolls
50 yard Roll of 7/8" =  for 6" dolls