Welcome to Joy's Waldorf Dolls Licensing

Joy Chambers has designed the continually expanding lines of exceptional Waldorf style doll making patterns, tools and materials for Waldorf dolls since 1991. Please visit our exclusive licensed distributors where you may find our product line. Each licensed distributor ships world-wide.

UNITED KINGDOM/EUROPE - Little Oke Dolls carries, all patterns, Joy's Waldorf doll making DVD, kits, Joy's doll making tools, doll making fabric, yarn for hair and supplies.

USA - A Child's Dream carries all patterns, Joy's Waldorf Doll making DVD, kits, Joy's doll making tools, fabric, hair yarns and supplies.

Our licensed distributors also offer quantity discounts and also wholesale quantities to individuals. Please contact them for pricing of doll making kits, tools, craft thread, rolls of tubular stockinette and gauze, yarn and skin tone knit.

*** We are looking for an exclusive licensee to make and distribute Finished Dolls Only for the US territory. If you would like like to submit a proposal for the "FINISHED DOLL MAKING only" or to become a licensee for another country please visit this page or call for more information. 1-425-949-7828

10 in Brother and Sister, 8 in Pocket Love Gallery

The 10" Brother and Sister are shaped just like the 16" Honey.

The 8" Pocket Love is shaped just like the Baby Companions only with straight arms and legs.